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Grilled Fish with An Accompanying Sauce
Fillet of Red Snapper or Parrot.  Grilled to Perfection & Served in a Choice of Lemon Butter or Poussin or 3-in-1 Sauce.  An Accompaniment, Salad & Sauces Included
Kshs 1,000/-

Tiger Prawns in Dill Sauce (Seasonal)
Grilled Tiger Prawns in a Tangy Dill Sauce.  Served with an Accompaniment, Salad & Sauces.  A Favorite among Friends and a Speciality of Chef / Owner Ashif Madha
Kshs 1,800/-

Tandoori BBQ Prawns (Seasonal)
Marinated Tiger Prawns Charcoal Fired in a Traditional Clay Oven.  Served with an Accompaniment, Salad & Sauces
Kshs 1,800/-

Grilled Tuna Steak (Seasonal)
Large Tuna Steak Chargrilled to Perfection.  Served with a Tartar Sauce.  Side helping of an Accompaniment, Salad & Sauces
Kshs 2,100/-

Grilled Lobster (Seasonal)
Half or Full Lobster, Chargrilled to Perfection & Drizzled with a
Garlic Parsley Lemon Butter Sauce
Full Kshs 3,200/-